Sin is our Problem!

Of all the things that trouble our minds in these days of lawlessness, it is imperative that we remember that sin is our greatest problem.

A just society apart from the Justifier of our soul, is folly.

Now I know that this thought troubles the mind. It goes exactly against the grain of what the world says is possible; hence the reason it is exactly what we should do.

H.A. Ironsides said it well:

Men are not sinners because they sin. They sin because they are sinners. Therefore the sin question must be settled first of all before there can be a new order of society which will answer to the mind of God. Nor are men divided by the Lord into classes of little sinners and great sinners, but, “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23); therefore all need the same salvation.

Ironside, H. A. (1994). The continual burnt offering: daily meditations on the Word of God (p. 181). Neptune, NJ: Loizeaux Brothers.

I ask myself this question: “How am I to live in a world that has rejected the only right answer to the question that matters most?”

The answer is so simple it is foolishness to those who are perishing: Christ, and Him crucified!

If we suffer in this life because of our own sins and rebellions, we should turn around and come to His cross and live. If we then suffer with Him because of His cross we should rejoice in that we are partners with Him and blessed.

For the few of you that read and listen to these posts, I know we have work to do regarding our spiritual life study. We will come to it again, but in the meanwhile I pray you are blessed by these writtings.

May you have the Shalom that only the Prince of Peace can bring!



Author: timvelasco

father husband son pilot and in pursuit of The One who found me!

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