Left, Alone

In a moment of evil 
The world is undone
Everything buried 
Under the sum

Of all the iniquity 
Of young and of old
The crowds demand justice
As banners unfold 

I see a dark shadow
Pass in the sky
It came with the wind
Of eons gone by

It came for the cops
It came for the mail
It came with a fury
Planned in detail 

They broke all our windows
And shattered our dreams
Calling for justice 
In showering screams

The swarm of humanity
With vengeance untold 
Knocked down our statues 
Our heros of old 

They dragged off their persons
Down to the sea
They will come for the Jew 
Then for you and for me

Author: timvelasco

father husband son pilot and in pursuit of The One who found me!

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