Too far gone?

A dark time in the life of a man after God’s own heart

The thought must have crossed king David’s mind as he stood at the door of the windowless room and stared at a dark corner, in the direction of the woman he had robbed.  He listened to the rhythmic rocking of one in deep mourning.  Her disheveled hair – beautiful dark brown curls – haphazardly draped around her shoulders and face. 

Her tears running down in torrents, carving deep and dark valleys on her full cheeks and soaking the limp, lifeless, nameless little baby boy she held close to her chest.  The rhythm broken only by convulsive sobs and moans that only those who have loved and lost truly know.  

And then, the occasional glance towards her king.  Her eyes like the thrust of a sword.  Piercing past his heart and into his very soul.  The weight of the whole expanse above pressing him down, grinding his bones, driving him down, down to Sheol, the land where only shadows live. 

All around fallen angels rejoicing, and the holy ones looking at the great throne in Heaven with contorted, perplexed faces. 

Was this how his kingdom would end?

For those who think they have fallen from grace.  Who have ascended to heaven, yet find themselves in Sheol.  Who have taken the wings of the morning and now are in the uttermost parts of the sea.  Who have said, “Darkness has surrounded me, and all light is now night!”  

Known this!

There is nowhere too far, and there is no sin too great; and there is nothing, nothing, I say again: no thing too broken for YHWH to mend!  

Prophecies will pass away, tongues will cease, and knowledge will likewise pass.  Yet, YHWH is love, and He is found by those who seek Him with all their heart.  Raise the white flag and surrender!  He will forgive, and give you the strength to endure to the end.

Stand up!  Wash your face!  Change your clothes and eat!  And then raise your hands and worship our Great God!  And with Him by your side extend the grace you have received to those you have harmed.  And, at the appointed time, you will be at your feet before His great throne in the company of others who have also thought themselves too far gone. 

The authors reading to music

Author: timvelasco

father husband son pilot and in pursuit of The One who found me!

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