The Spiritual Life – Episode 1

Episode 1
  1. The Three Ingredients of the Spiritual Life:
    1. Being born again
    2. Receiving the Holy Spirit (an immediate consequence of being born again)
    3. Time
  2. Below are some of the things the Holy Spirit does for us:
    1. The Holy Spirit teaches us Spiritual truths – John 16:12-15
    2. The Holy Spirit guides us – Romans 8:14
    3. The Holy Spirit assures us of our salvation – Romans 8:16
    4. The Holy Spirit prays for us – Romans 8:26-27
    5. The Holy Spirit gives us gifts – I Corinthians 12:4-7
  3. The Key concept:  Spiritual Maturity!
  4. The definition: “The Spiritual Life is a life that produces a Spiritual Believer”, as opposed to a carnal believer!
  5. The implications:
    1. To a new believer – not a mature believer yet because he is missing time.
    2. To an older believer – don’t be an old baby and grow.
    3. To sinners/backsliders – confess and receive forgiveness and get back to where you left off – 1 John1:9. Great news You don’t have to start from scratch! 
    4. To the stages of growth – there are no shortcuts to maturity it takes the Holy Spirit and Time. 
    5. To the areas of the Spiritual Life – every area of your life is a spiritual life area. God wants ALL of you, and yes, He can handle it. 
    6. To the duration of spiritual “babyhood” –  4 to 5 years according the Apostle Paul in I Corinthians 3:1-3.  

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Join us next week for our next podcast on the Spiritual Life!

Author: timvelasco

father husband son pilot and in pursuit of The One who found me!

8 thoughts

  1. Tim, the Lord has given you a hunger to know Him intimately and to share that knowledge with others. I pray God will use you and this podcast to reach out to those who are searching and will draw them into the loving arms of the Father, by His grace, and by the knowledge and loving sacrifice of our Messiah.


  2. Tim,

    You are RIGHT ON when you talk about there not being any spiritual shortcuts – just the Holy Spirit and Time! Great podcast and message! Look forward to the next one, my brother!


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